Weekend Tee - Christian Collard Photography

Weekend Tee - a lifestyle brand. 

Weekend Tee is a recreational-seeking lifestyle brand that I recently started.  Weekend Tee's are a collection of super comfortable triblend tee shirt designs that deliver a simple message about personal interests in outdoor activities. 

Weekend Tee is not a business. At least not yet. I started this brand as a creative outlet for my personal design and photography work. Weekend Tee provides me with a medium to pursue creative work on my own timeline.  I'm ready to follow any path this may go, but today - I simply want to design tee shirts and photograph people. 

The Weekend Tee online storefront is a fully functional entity. Anyone can visit and order a quality fashionable garment shipped directly to their home. I've partnered with a company to handle printing, fullfillment and shipping of my designs. As a perfectionist, this kills me, but also allows me to focus on design, photography, and branding. The live brand also serves as a study in social media and marketing efforts. 

Right now, I am looking for awesome people to work with. I have some cool new threads to hand out. Lets take an hour to make some great outdoor photographs, and you will have yourself a comfortable-fashionable tee shirt to keep.  

I am looking for anyone with a great lifestyle story to tell: Outdoor photographers, wanderlusts, hikers, climbers, adventure seekers, missionaries, everyday hero's, etc. 

Please take a minute to check out Weekend Tee follow me on social media. I'd love your feedback and help spreading the word. 

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