A Career Project - Christian Collard Photography

Another year, another project inspiration. This project is more of a work-in-progress idea. I want to build  more creative and challenging environmental portraits. In order to allow myself the freedom to demonstrate challenging environments and a greater variety of personality, I am enlisting the cooperation of unique personalities. The goal of the project is put hard working and talented individuals into a workplace photograph that highlights "what they do". Its called A Career Project. No timeline, no objectives, no limits. Just powerful images. 

I am currently looking for  people with interesting jobs, skills, or hobbies that I can photograph in their environment. 

There is no cost. However, you sign a release form so that I may share and possibly license the images. 

If you are interested in being photographed, please contact me. I will not be able to photograph every request as I am doing this in my free time, but will answer all requests. 

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