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Senior Portrait Information

Senior portrait season is here and its time to plan the perfect photo session to capture your personality and style. These images will be displayed in your yearbook and in your parents home for years to come... lets get some great shots!

Together we  design the perfect senior experience to highlight the personality of your special senior. The photo sessions are relaxed, fun, and capture images that you will truly love. I promise.  I photograph on-location sessions and build every package according to what YOU want. 

How it works and what to expect...

The  Session & Location

EVERY senior I photograph gets the same personalized session with top-quality retouched final images. We photograph at a location that fits the personality of the individual. 

We can photograph the session at your home, place of work, local park, industrial area, urban area, the mountain, warehouse building, etc!

Some places I love to photograph...

-Barre Falls Dam, Barre

-Moore State Park, Paxton

-Wachusett Mountain, Princeton

-Rutland State Park, Rutland

-Old Stone Church, West Boylston

-Green Hill Park, Worcester

Final Images

Your final images will be available to view online in about two weeks. You will receive your own online gallery (public or private) to showcase to friends and family and order prints and products. 

Yearbook Image

Senior sessions includes submission to your yearbook . Please provide me with yearbook specs I will submit the image to your yearbook committee OR I can provide you with the digital copy for you to submit yourself.


We build a custom session based on your ideas, product interests, and budget. Below are the rates based on time and amount of final images.  All include the final digital copies and online gallery to view, share and order prints. Payment is due at the time of photos.

- Professional Session: 30 final images, 2 hours, $500

- Traditional Session: 20 final images, 1.5 hours, $400

- Simple Session: 10 final images, 1 hour, $300

- Portfolio Session: Four hours of coverage at multiple locations. Many different looks/styles. Includes 50+ images. $1000

What to Bring

- Bring several changes of clothes. I can help you decide what will photograph best.

- Sporting equip/uniforms: baseball glove, bat, lacrosse stick, hockey stick, cleats, running shoes, etc. 

- Sunglasses

- Musical instruments

- Hobby props, books, gun (unloaded), fishing pole

- Feel free to bring anything you want! It may seem silly, but I bet I can find a way to incorporate just about anything into your pictures. 


Hair & Makeup: I have professional hair stylists and makeup artists I work with that can meet us on-location to provide these services. Not only can these professional services enhance one's natural beauty, but provide incredible confidence in a teenage girl's photographs.  

Athletic Portrait:  Play sports? Lets get on the field and create a dramatic athletic portrait of your senior in action. 

Trash the Dress:  What are you planning on doing with that old prom dress? Why not turn it into a image YOU WILL NEVER FORGET. 

Art in Motion: Dancer? Lets talk about some cool ways to capture an incredible out-of-studio dance image.  

CONTACT ME TODAY to get on the schedule! Call 508-397-2618

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