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Product and Collection Rates

Are you looking for a full photography session with multiple images? 

Collections are a full photo session and can be photographed at your home, office, or other location. 


Are you looking for one incredible piece of art to hang on your wall?

Product rates include photography and a digital copy of your single image.


I specialize in personalized portraiture. Some of my best work comes out of high school seniors, athletes, dancers, models, actors, authors, etc.  I have also photographed many children and families. While I have had very happy clients in maternity, newborn, wedding, and events, I currently leave those to my friends who are lifestyle photographers - and I am happy to give you a few suggestions. 


Collections include full photography session and the final  images in an online gallery to order additional prints/products. Digital copies are available for download from your gallery. Products (below) can be purchased at a discounted rate.

SIMPLE / $300
10 finals, 60 minutes on location

20 finals, 90 minutes on location 

30 finals, 2 hours on location

Portfolio sessions are designed to produce a wide-variety of  images in different environments. Includes multiple locations, styles, and looks. 
60 final images, up to 4 hours on location


SINGLE DIGITAL (2 looks) / $100

CORPORATE SESSION / Group and multiple individuals. Shot at your office/location. Contact for quote.


Products include photography (single image) and digital copy. 

Wrapped Canvas /1.25” thick full coverage premium canvas wrap. Hard backing with hangers ready for your wall. 

32 x 48  $400

24 x 36  $350

16 x 24  $300

Black Framed Canvas / Quality wrapped canvas framed in black hardwood. 

24 x 36  $400

18 x 24  $350

12 x18  $300

Metal Prints / Real metal print with wall hangers.

20 x 30  $375

16 x 24  $325

12 x 18  $275

Framed Prints 

16x20  $250

11x14  $200

Prints Package / $200

4- 8x10s, 4- 5x7s, 10- 3x5s, 8- wallets


All payments are due at the time of photos.
Cash, check, or credit card are excepted.

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