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Team/Class Photo Day

The Day

We work together with your league or studio to create a photo day that will work best for you.  We realize that your Photo day can’t be setup exactly like the next group. Factoring in your available locations, amount of smiling faces, game/class schedules, and even the weather... we will organize a day, days, or even evenings to photograph your organization.

Online orders

We do things a little differently. Instead of the traditional over-priced pre-order form, we provide team/class galleries for parents to view and order their own prints. 

Prints start at just $3.99 and can be ordered using pre-built packages or a-la-carte. 

We will provide parents with a simple form with complete details and instructions on photo day. 

Parents can save money by purchasing pre-paid credits at photo day and ordering online afterwards. 

The finals will be posted in an online gallery organized by team/class. Each gallery will include the full group picture and individual portrait.  Parents will choose the images they wish to order and checkout via credit card. Prints will be delivered directly to their home – no need to distribute them.

Prints can be photo marked with a tag line approved by the league or studio. Example: “Rutland Little League, 2014″

Professional Photographers

We hire local professional photographers to capture the images. 

Depending upon the amount of children being photographed, we may have multiple photographers working the session. For large leagues we will have one photographer for team shots and another for individuals.


Breakout Sessions  are a unique personalized photo session for your elite athletes. These Breakout Sessions are a photo session much like a cover shoot for Sports Illustrated. These are also a great fund raiser as part of the session fee is donated back to the league. Contact us for more information!

The BIG Picture

Happy parents make our company a success. Our pictures are awesome, our rates are affordable, and we guarantee you will love our service.

In addition to the pictures, we find ways to help support your organization. We sponsor a team for every league  we work with.  We supply a team plaque for each sponsor. We also are working on creating new products and services to sell and donate proceeds to YOU. 

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